Computer Accessories from Shearer Technical

Let Shearer Technical upgrade your computing experience with high-quality parts and accessorie from trusted manufacturers like: Asus, Acer, Logitech, Microsoft and others.

New Computer Accessories Available from Shearer Technical:

Asus 27″ LCD Flat Panel Monitor $399.00
Asus 23.6″ LCD Flat Panel Monitor $259.00
Asus 22″ LCD Flat Panel Monitor $139.00
Asus 18.5″ LCD Flat Panel Monitor $119.00
MS Office 2010 Professional Edition $150.00
8 GB memory upgrades $59.00
16 GB memory upgrades $109.00
256 SSD hard drive upgrade W/ Windows installation $249.00
512 SSD hard drive upgrade W/ Windows installation $299.00
Wireless network installation $129.00
Replacement DVDRW Drive $69.00
Wireless mouse $39.00
Wireless mouse for laptops $39.00
Motherboard & CPU replacements $279.00
Power Supply replacements $89.00
Video card upgrades $159.00
MS Windows 10 Professional Upgrade W/ installation $249.00
MS Windows 10 Ultimate Edition Upgrade $299.00
*Note: These are just a few of the many options Shearer Technical has to offer. Please consult with us as to your specific needs. Pricing includes installation.

Please contact Shearer Technical for more specifications and ordering information regarding these computer accessories.