Windows Upgrade

Can you agree with any of the following statements about your computer?

  • It is running slower & slower.
  • It takes forever for it to start up.
  • It constantly locks up in anything I do.
  • When I click shutdown – it doesn’t!
  • I’m ready to smash it with a baseball bat!

Don’t get a new computer. Save money & upgrade the operating system instead!

What’s Included With Upgrading the Operating System to Windows 10 or Windows 11:

  • Back-up all of your data
  • Assist in locating all of your software
  • Completely reformat your computer
  • Re-load your new operating system & all updates
  • Reload your software & data
  • Re-install your printer, scanner, Internet connection, etc. onsite

Residential- $350.00 (per computer)
Business- Estimate given at time of work

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